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Want to be mentored by me?

1. Here’s what you get: I give you the idea, the first paying customer, help with marketing and copywriting, and business advice. In return, I ask for 8% equity.

2. To be mentored by me: You must already be successful in at least one field or career to be mentored by me. Bonus if you’re successful as an entrepreneur. I can't mentor people without track records of success as it requires too much training and time to build those habits.

3. If you're not successful as an entrepreneur: you can take my course at The Foundation. If you make it there - you're a great candidate. I do work with successful graduates of that program.

4. If you swipe an idea from the site: Every once in a while I get an email from someone who’s started a successful business from my free advice, offering to pay me back somehow. Here’s how you can do that (only if you want to). If you think this website has helped you get your start with something, you can pay me 1% of the profits per year or 1% from the sale. IE: If you have $100,000 in profit, you could send me $1,000. It’s not mandatory. Only if you’re inclined. I realize not many people will do this, but even if only one does in my lifetime, I’ll be happy I asked. Please enjoy this resource either way.

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