What's This All About?

Hi, I'm Dane. I've started 16 businesses and taught thousands of people how to get started online when the odds are bad.

People with no ideas. Limited time. Limited cash. Poor self talk. Doubt. And crippling fear.

Because that was me, at 22, scammed with $123 to my name.

Of the 16 different businesses I had... 11 failed and 5 succeeded beyond $50,000 in sales. The 4 that are currently active are PaperlessPipeline, AgentCareCenter, RecruitingNinja, and The Foundation.

Now here’s the critical distinction: The 11 that failed - I came up with those ideas.

Of the 5 that succeeded, those ideas were given to me by finding pain using variations of "The 5 Questions".

So I created The Foundation to show others what I learned.

After 6 years teaching thousands around the world and watching multi-millionaires get created - I felt sad that I wasn't being rewarded with long term equity.

That’s why I decided to create Swipe My Ideas where I could collect equity in successful entrepreneurs in exchange for mentorship.

This is my attempt to blend the two worlds of teaching and equity.

If You're Still Reading... Here's My Number 1

Tip For Becoming Successful

I have no experience as an Entrepreneur, but I’d like to become one. Tell me more about the details of your Entrepreneurship program. We have over 15 millionaires who've done it in 4 to 5 years.